Fleshing Out Your Characters Workshop

Creating characters is easy but creating characters that are believable can make or break the success of your work. Do your short story and novel characters feel like cardboard cutouts? As real as your characters are to you, you've got to transfer that realism onto paper.

Fleshing Out Your Characters helps you create characters that could step out of the pages of your novel or short story. From common character creation mistakes to digging deep into your character's personality, learn how to develop three-dimensional, living, breathing characters.

Workshop Duration: 4 Weeks - 1 lesson delivered to your inbox each week with 5 creativity exercises at the end of each lesson.

Cost: $20

If you have questions regarding the Email workshops, simply Email EmailWorkshops@FictionAddiction.NET. Ready to get started? Choose one of the convenient and secure payment methods below and you're on your way to creative success!

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